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I’m probably one of the few people who disliked the second episode more than the first. I thought the solution was a total cheat. [SPOILERS] First they tell us the magic doo-hickey will show them the last image she saw before she died. Then once they get the magic doo-hickey they say ‘one of the last’ — well, which is it? You are telling me the freakin bridge was more memorable than her attacker’s (or plural, if she saw both of them) face(s)? I call shenanigans. I appreciate that they didn’t want it to be so easy (“oh look, that’s the guy! let’s get him!”), so they use the bridge angles to figure out what building she was in…but all that seemed silly to me.
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What to read when I haven’t posted anything recently

Well, obviously there’s the blogroll over there —————–>

But, for the latest news, check my friendfeed. I share articles in Google Reader and send that feed and anything I tag in delicious to Friendfeed. Then the link to the article shows up in the widget here on the blog. When there’s breaking news, often I’ll tag it before I blog it.

Oh, and True Blood on HBO got picked up for a second season. Consider it spec-able…I guess…

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Renewal tidbits for 9/16

TNT just announced that Raising the Bar and Saving Grace are being renewed. Raising the Bar has averaged 5.5 million viewers in its first 3 airings (better than anything except Top Model on the CW, if you are looking for comparison) and Saving Grace pulled 4.4 million viewers per episode over the summer. Grace was already looking to complete its second season next year, but has now been picked up for a third.

Last week TBS announced it was renewing The Bill Engvall Show for a 3rd season. No word yet on My Boys.

Watch List will be updated…

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True Blood

True Blood premieres 9/7 on HBOFollowing up his hit HBO show Six Feet Under, Alan Ball has plunged into a world of vampires in modern day society. Based on the books of Charlaine Harris, True Blood, premieres Sunday September 7 at 9 PM EST.

True Blood stars Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse, a waitress living in backwater Louisiana who is telepathic. She meets vampire Bill Compton played by Stephen Moyer, whose thoughts she cannot hear, which attracts her to him. Bill has moved back to town to live in the house of his family; now that his last living relative is dead, he will inherit the property should the new Vampire Rights Amendment pass in Congress. In the larger world, vampires have revealed themselves, and a Japanese company has developed a synthetic blood drink, which allows the vampires to “come out of the coffin” and into normal society, since they no longer need to feed on people. Read More…

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The return of 90210

So, the much touted return of your favorite zip code has proven a success in its pilot outing — the 2 hour premiere last night scored a 3.9 rating, which is about 5 million viewers, the best series premiere the CW has seen in its troubled life.

I still have it on the DVR from last night (with Prison Break — got a lot of watching to do this weekend), but I’m hearing some mixed reviews — there certainly seems to be a feeling that the show needs some time, but considering how good the ratings were out of the gate, I think it will have some time, certainly. Will it rise to the level of Gossip Girl? Who knows…even that show’s second season premiere was off a bit from last year.

Tonight we’ll get Sons of Anarchy, Top Model, Bones. Need to know when other shows premiere check out the TV Addict’s printable calendar.

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TV Blogs and Online Resources

There are a wealth of TV blogs, and many of them are able to post pure news fast than I can get to it.  So, yes, while it might reduce my own traffic, I really want to direct or attention to some sites which you should check or read for news and information:

TVAddict.com which published a really spiffy Season Premiere Printable Calendar. In fact, rather than try to create my own, I’m just going to steal use his!  The site also features a lot of great interviews and reviews of new and returning TV shows.

The Futon Critic.com which has been a daily read for me for about 3 years.  Posts breaking news pretty quickly and does a really great job of following the ins and outs of what shows are canceled, renewed or on hiatus.  They also have a nice online calendar for premiere dates and tv schedules.

TV By The Numbers.com  Nielsens, Nielsens and more Nielsens.  Get your numbers sliced and diced here daily (I’m also a huge fan of Marc Berman’s Programming Insider Forum for the overnights and analysis).

The TV Addict also links us to the TV Blog Coalition, which is a roundup of news from lots of TV blogs.  It’s a great way to find other opinions and insights to shows.

I’ll keep expanding the blogroll with links to sites I think have a lot of value.  Be sure to check them out!

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Raising the Bar

Gloria Reuben, Mark-Paul Goselaar and Jane Kaczmarek
9/2 UPDATE: The overnights from TNT show that the show pulled in 7.7 million viewers, building on its lead-in from The Closer.  It will be interesting to see if it maintains those kinds of numbers in week 2 and beyond.

Before I give you my thoughts on the show, I thought I’d drop in the answers to two questions I asked Steven Bochco about his new series “Raising the Bar” (Premieres Monday September 1st, 10:00 PM).

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Welcome to the new Shouting into the Wind

I know, it doesn’t look all that different yet. Well, I ran a little behind on installing the new template, so you may come here one day and POOF! Suddenly the blog looks, you know, better.

For now, we’ll focus on the content. Here’s what you’ll be reading today as I get the posts finished and published:

  • A review of the new Steven Bochco show “Raising the Bar”, which premieres tonight on TNT

  • A post about the realities of pursuing a dream of screenwriting
  • A list of blog resources for those who need TV news.

Just a reminder the Watch List is live and being updated. It’s got its own page now which can be accessed by the link in the sidebar.

Okay! Time to take a walk outside, but then I’ll start getting the articles uploaded.

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