The Future is Now.

Read this:

A deal to bring Disney into the Hulu fold is “basically done,” a single source familiar with the discussions tells us.

PaidContent reported that if Disney were to do a deal, it would take a 30% stake in Hulu and become and equal partner to NBC Universal and News Corp. That means like NBC and News Corp before it, Disney would agree to spend $50 million marketing the site.

Providence Equity Partners will hang onto its 10% share.

YouTube, which is launching a premium content-friendly version of its site April 16, made a hard run at Disney at the 11th hour, but only managed to come away with short form content.

If that’s true, then the game is ON, my friends. Hulu now has Fox, NBC-Uni and ABC content. Viacom/Paramount may join in (or stick with YouTube), but the writing is on the wall.

I have another rant/post coming that I’ve been working on for two days about where we are and the meeting point of TV, film, online…the significance of the Streamys last weekend, and where do we go from here.

You feel that? The ground is shifting. Hang on tight.

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This post was written by Shawna on March 31, 2009

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Deadlines, deadlines…

So, I’m not doing that Script Frenzy thing I keep reading about, but I do have a deadline for the end of April.

By the end of April, I will have a draft of my new pilot and a rewrite of my CHUCK spec.

I know, that seems like a lot. The good news is I’m well into my outline for the pilot, and hope to have it completed by tomorrow. Once the outline is done, I’m on to script pages. I’ll be sending my outline to some people in my writers group(s) for notes and feedback before I get too far into scripting, but this train don’t stop — gotta keep movin’.

Same with the spec. And then May we’ll have a new deadline. Finish outline of new feature spec with sis.

We’re also building a new bible/pitch for yet a 3rd tv series, and I’ve got #4 and #5 of pilot specs waiting in the wings.

Oh and somewhere in there I’ve got to write a new show spec. Haven’t decided what to write yet.

I know, the elephant in the room: “What’s going on with your optioned TV pilot?” Well, option is expired, and we have an arrangement with producers to take it to studios and pitch. So, we kinda sorta optioned it to someone else for 6 months, hoping we can still get it set up at a prodco or studio. So there’s that going on too.

And sis and I finished writing a horror spec with a friend. Getting some notes, and about to start rewriting.

Yes, that’s a lot. No time for love, Doctor Jones. (Okay, maybe a *little* time for love…)

But that’s another post.

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Throwing rocks

So apparently, I really am anti-torture. (Yes, I’m ignoring the fact I’ve been ‘gone’ a month right now. The Muse calls.)

Anti-Torture in that I like my protagonists too much. I find it difficult to create obstacles for them.

That’s kind of a problem when you are trying to tell a story. Let’s look at it this way:

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Goldilocks. One day she walked into the house of a family of bears. She sized up all of her options for chairs and selected the one which was the right size for her frame. Judging the temperature of the bowls, she chose the porridge that was perfectly heated, and finally she identified a bed which was of ideal comfort in which to sleep.

When the bears got home, they were totally cool with this blonde chick crashing in their house. The End.

Hm. Not much of a story. Without the trial and error of each decisions she makes and the family chasing her out of the house at the end, really no conflict. No cause for concern for our protagonist.

This is a recurring problem for me. I always seem to have a protagonist who breezes through their story…hardly any conflict or tough decisions to make. They never really face high stakes or worry that they are making the wrong decision. They are just so darn smart.

Obviously, I recognize the problem and am doing my best to fix it. I’m just wondering, do you ever have that problem in your writing, and how do you address it?

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This post was written by Shawna on March 24, 2009

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