So, breaking my hiatus to announce that while not officially official as yet (paperwork to be signed, all that) it looks like I am once again employed.

It’s a contract position, probably 6 months and non-writing related.  I was hoping to hold out until the end of staffing season, but the writing was on the wall — I think my chances of getting a writers assistant job were approaching negative probability.

So, time to get back in the workforce being productive and stuff.

Pilot isn’t finished yet, but much progress has been made.  Hoping I’ll be able to keep making it now that I’ll have a day job again.

Time will tell…

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This post was written by Shawna on February 28, 2010

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Self-imposed exile

Twitter – turning it off.

Blog – no posts.

News reader – ignored, only used for finding articles i’ve flagged for research purposes.

Facebook and all other social media – nobody home.

I’m taking a self-imposed break from the internet.  I’ve never tried to shut myself off completely, so we’ll see how long it lasts.

It starts tonight at midnight and goes until I finish this pilot script.  So, it could be awhile.

If you need to send me a message, I’ll be checking my email (and replying) twice a day at 10 AM and 10 PM.  If you have my phone number you can call me.  And there’s always the carrier pigeon option.

Sorry to shut you all off, but I haven’t been able to get anything done since about 1996.  Time to change that a little.

Goodbye, wonderful internet.  Here’s hoping I can quit you…for awhile.

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This post was written by Shawna on February 9, 2010


Movie of the Day #15 – Big Fan

Amazing performance from Patton Oswalt in this.  Did they even run an Oscar campaign for him? I’m not saying he should be in the list, but…maybe a Spirit award?

Something.  What an amazing portrait of life.  If ‘Precious’ is one end of the empathic spectrum, this is possibly on the other.

Low budget, not as ‘refined’ as a studio film — yet I could watch this multiple times.  Can’t say that for more than half the films I saw last year.

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Movie of the Day #14 – Precious

Direction felt a little indulgent at times, and it pulls no punches (even using a literal frying pan over the head) at times to get its message across.  That said, I still found myself engaged and caring about Precious — character empathy can be so very hard to get right, especially if the character is from a background or has life experiences which are hard to comprehend — in this case, having been dealt an extremely bad hand in life.

I’d say the performances are some of the strongest I’ve seen this year, certainly the most raw and unfiltered.

I’m not sure that over the years it will be a film I revisit much, but I do think it deserves much of the accolades it has drawn.

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Movie of the Day #13 – Bright Star

I lack much to say about the film that is at all substantive.  I really enjoyed it, more than I thought I would and loved the costume and art direction porn.  In a completely inappropriate way, watching the film made me think of this video on Funny or Die – mostly because of the commonality of Paul Schneider being in it.

“I shoulda worn a coat to my inauguration.”

And the trailer for “Bright Star”

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This post was written by Shawna on February 1, 2010

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