Dear Mom,

I screwed up.  Seemingly every year this “holiday” sneaks up on me and I become “the bad daughter” for a day.  I didn’t send you a card or flowers or an edible arrangement.

Consider this my public apology and attempt to make amends.


Your Daughter (the mostly good one) Shawna

Folks, I know everyone’s mom is amazing.  But my mom is…amazinger.  Yeah, that’s right.  I used a non-word to describe how awesome my mom is.  She’s made of win.  And stardust.  And rainbows.

First, I’m sorry for what birthing me and my sister did to your body.  Because you were HOT.  I know, I shouldn’t think of my mom as ‘hot’, but look at her!


See?  To think that we ruined her for a lot of years…well, I understand the sacrifice.  So, thanks for that.  I know you endured a lot of health issues for about 20 years, and I’m so thankful that you are in good health now.

So, there’s that.  My mom is awesome because she gave birth to me.  Everyone can say that.

Not everyone can say their mom is a star.

Sure, it may not have been the “national stage” or the hitmakers of Nashville, but my mom’s a singer…a GOOD one.  Before we destroyed her dainty little figure, she was in a band.  That picture above is her from her country star days.

So, she can sing.  That’s pretty awesome.  But, wait!  There’s more!!

She’s an ARTIST.

"Downtown Horse and Buggy" by Londie Benson

"Jean Harlow" by Londie Benson

I mean, look at these.  They are ridiculously good, and completely different in style and composition.  But that’s my mom.  She doesn’t know what she can’t do, so of course, she can do anything.  By the way, the ‘Horse and Buggy’ is a wall mural.  The ‘Jean Harlow’ is, I believe, a watercolor.  But her best work is with pencil.

"Feeding Time" by Londie Benson

The crazy thing about this one, in my mind, is it isn’t even her best one.  Sadly, I don’t have any images of some of the other work she’s done, but trust me — it’s breathtaking.

Now, my mom, of course, will tell you that she’s not that great; that she’s not doing anything new or different.  Right.

"Pagliacci" by Londie Benson

Might take a second or two to realize it, but that’s me.  No, I did not dress up like a clown.  She took a regular, random photo of me and created this trippy piece of art.  She’s just that good.

Of course, having such a good eye, she’s a wonderful photographer too.

"Orchid" photo by Londie Benson

It does make me a little crazy that she can snap a picture of an orchid or a half-naked squirrel as if it’s no big deal, but then when I get them in my email, they aren’t just photos.  They’re statements.

Naked Squirrel

Speaking of statements, she has taken some really wonderful photos of people too.  I don’t know why, but there has always been something about this photo she took of my grandmother (her mom) that always strikes me as poetic:

"Grandma" photo by Londie Benson

Oh yeah, as a side note: my grandmother was HOT back in the day, too.  And how adorable is my mom as a child?

She writes.  She sings.  She tweets.

When I was in grade school, my friends knew my mom as the cool “art lady.”  She’d come in and talk about art to my class.  Kids came over to our house to HANG OUT WITH MY MOM.  I was far from cool back in those days (though there is an ongoing argument over this between my mom and I, of course).

Now my friends get to know her from Twitter.  Lord help me, it is probably the single worst/best thing I’ve done, introducing my mom, first to online karaoke and then to Twitter.  But mom has quite a following.  In fact, she has 4 times as many followers as I do.  So clearly, she must be doing something right.

Yes, that’s right.  She hosts a karaoke channel for Kelsey Live! She got the gig through all of her online karaoke and twittering.  Go figure.

So, here we are.  My mom and me.  Yes, I’m really that much taller than she is, but I don’t hold it against her.  I can’t express how proud I am of her and all she’s accomplished so far in her life.  I know there are the down moments as well as the ups, and I may roll my eyes when my friends tell me about something she’s tweeted, but honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love you, Mommy.  With all my heart.

Londie and Shawna, 2005.

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  1. Montez May 9, 2010 2:39 pm

    That is worth more that any amount of flowers and cards! Beautiful words about a beautiful woman! Thanks for sharing your love for your mom with us today.

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