Scribosphere Carnival #2 – Submit your topic ideas

In keeping with the rules I posted earlier, I get to pick the topic for next week.  You have until Sunday at 2 PM to submit your topic.  Winner gets to go next and post their topic to their blog next Monday!

Let the games begin.

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Scribosphere Carnival #1 – Time Capsule

Welcome to the first Scribosphere Carnival!  Before I get into this week’s topic, a few bits of background, and the posting rules.  I know most of you who decide to participate will want the instructions right up front before I start actually writing on the subject.  Will make life easier if we always post the rules, first, but I don’t expect that to happen every week…

So, first, what is the Scribosphere Carnival?  Simply, it is a way for blogs which are covering the topics of screenwriting for film, tv and the web to join together.  Each week, one blogger will declare the topic of the week.  Those who choose to participate will blog on that topic at some point during the week, and then post a comment on the OP (original poster’s) blog with the link to their post in the carnival.  That’s it! Pretty easy, right?

So there are a few guidelines, which will not only make it easy for people, particularly the OP to find your Carnival entry:

  • Please copy the title of the carnival post for your post on your blog. You should use the title of this post for your own entry.  You should also copy the topic as it is described by the OP and paste it into the top of your post.
  • Once your entry is posted, come back to this blog and link to your post in the comments below.
  • A follow up post by the OP will collect comments from those who have suggestions for the next carnival. The OP of the current carnival gets to pick the topic for next week! [This should be the only time an OP will both originate a topic and pick the following week, which I get to do because this was all my idea. 😉 ]
  • The OP should post on Monday. Everyone who participates has until the following Monday to chime in.
  • The carnival topic can be about anything screenwriting related — craft, business, etc.
  • As the OP, you should continually update your post with links to all of the participating blogs and their entries.  It is recommended that participants also link to each other’s posts throughout the week, but it is not required.
  • Participants are required, however, to post to the OP’s blog post on the topic at the top of the blog, i.e. “Shawna at Shouting into the Wind has posted this week’s Scribosphere Carnival topic which is…[link][topic][/link]
  • It is recommended that you tag or categorize your posts with the following terms: ‘scribosphere’ and ‘carnival’ but not required.  This would be for your own search and organizational purposes.

With those guidelines out of the way, here’s this week’s topic:

TIME CAPSULE — This topic is actually a 3-parter. First, recount your journey in screenwriting up to this point in time.  Second, tell us where you are on your journey now.  Finally, for the really fun, creative part — blog as if it is one year from today.  What has the past year of your journey been like? What has changed? Be as realistic or not as you like — it’s your time capsule! One year from now, we will revisit our time capsules to see how we did with our predictions… Your post can be as long or as short as you like — the most important thing is to have fun with it!

Okay, on to my response to this topic…

I’ve been on my journey for ten years now, going on eleven.  When I started, I had read one book – Syd Field – and was attempting to write rom com features while living in Orlando, Florida.  I had been out of college for seven years, when I decided I needed to radically change my life.  I got myself relocated to L.A. and my sister and I moved in together.  It would be another six years working along side the industry, but not really in it, taking classes at UCLA, really learning the craft, before I was laid off from my job and forced to focus exclusively on writing for awhile.  In 2011 I got a job working as an assistant to a successful tv and feature writer, and my sister and I found an agent who wanted to represent us last year (at Gersh).  Now my sister and I are fully committed to being staffed within the year on a tv show, and we will continue to write pilots so we can pitch them out.

September 23, 2014

Julie and I are on script this week.  The room is breaking the tenth episode of the season, but we are responsible for writing the ninth.  If my blogging is light, it’s because we have to submit our draft by the end of the week.  It’s nerve-wracking — this is our first tv script together.  We’ve each gotten story credits before, and of course, we’ve written that web series, so we are versed in the realities of production, but this is it — our first solo story/script.  I can’t wait for you to see it.  I hope it doesn’t suck.


** Sorry for how late this was posted Monday.  I had a surprisingly busy day today, so it took awhile to get this done.  I may expand my entry throughout the week, but I wanted to at least get something out there for people to see what it is we are trying to do…

Participating Blogs:


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The Scribosphere Returns

From the ashes of our trashed draft posts, we are coming back, stronger than ever.  Why?

Well, I can only speak for myself, but I see that nevermind the podcasts, the twitter feeds, the facebook groups or the multitude of how-to books and messageboards, there is still nothing like the blogosphere for disseminating information and dispelling misconceptions.  In our case, it would be about the craft and business of screenwriting for various media (film, tv, the web…)  There is so much misinformation and uninformed opinion masquerading as fact and authority, that something must be done.  If we have any hope of helping others on their writing journeys, which, I believe we should, then we have to start doing it by writing more.  Also, I got away from what was a great way for me to work out my own thoughts and feelings about this chosen path, and I think I’m worse for it, in some ways.  I’ve had a lot of changes since I was last posting here on a regular basis, new experiences and wisdom to share.  It’s true, there are a lot of details I can’t share because of prudence as my sister and I pitch our projects and take meetings, but I had made the mistake of not talking at all, rather than acknowledging the things I couldn’t say and talking about the more general lessons to be learned.

This weekend at the first official Scribosphere Meetup/Reunion (“meeting again, for the very first time!”) I made this proposal to the bloggers present, that those of us who have been negligent should do what we can to improve our blogging.  That means posting more regularly and linking to each other frequently, so that we can all share audience, share thoughts and opinions.  This is, of course, how we all got to know each other years ago, and I think it’s worth reviving the community we had here, so we can tweet out quick thoughts, but then go into depth on our blogs.  Not every issue is easily summed up in 140 characters.

To aid in our endeavor, I proposed that we kick off a Blog Carnival, described in the Wikipedia Blogging Glossary as: A blog article that contains links to other articles covering a specific topic. Most blog carnivals are hosted by a rotating list of frequent contributors to the carnival, and serve to both generate new posts by contributors and highlight new bloggers posting matter in that subject area.

Each week one of the denizens of the scribosphere will propose the topic of the week.  Those who wish to participate must link to the originator of the topic and as many other blogs who respond (this is best accomplished by the bloggers commenting on the originator’s blog with a link to their article, so they can all be curated).  Since I  was the “genius” with this brainstorm, I was elected to go first.

I’ll be posting my article and topic later today.  I hope many of you will participate, and hopefully in time, we’ll have a very active scribosphere (and maybe some new members!) joining in the fun.  It will at least provide everyone a reason to post at least once every week, and usually once you start blogging, you find more and more reasons to do it, resulting in more posts. More content = more visitors = we all start talking to each other in more than 140 characters again.

As to how we decide who picks the next topic… well, that we will need to sort.  You have a week to think of a topic.  You’ll have this week to post on the one I blog tonight.

The motto of my blog has always been “Post, or you’re toast.” I’m done being toasted.

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Screenwriting Blogger-palooza is Tomorrow, Sept 21!

That’s right, several old-timer screenwriting bloggers are gathering to swap tales of woe and triumph.  Perhaps we’ll tell you how our blogs started, or why they were abandoned, picked up, abandoned again… the impact of Twitter and FB on our blogging, and our career progression (or lack thereof).

There will be booze and COOKIES — my aunt made (no lie) like five dozen cookies for this soiree, so I’m bringing them.

The details again, in case you feel like dropping by — at this point, even those WITHOUT blogs are welcome!

Saturday, September 21, 2013, 2 PM at Morrison Scottish Pub – 3179 Los Feliz Blvd.

Also, there is a BlackBoard Eats code for 30% off at Morrison right now — so grab it and save some money on some vittles!  Hope to see you all there!



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Clear Skies – 17 months later

I actually meant to write this post five months ago, but you know how it is. You blink in April and it’s suddenly September. I haven’t blogged a lot in the past year — all you have to do is look at the dates of the last five posts to see that’s true — but it wasn’t for lack of interest. It’s been a very busy year.  Julie and I got an agent. We pitched a pilot all around town (though it didn’t sell). We went up for staffing and came close… I watched the webseries project go into limboland after completing the draft…

And through all of these trials, I’ve been in a good place, mentally.  Seventeen months ago, I bared my soul to you all about my struggles with clinical depression. I had really gone to a dark place and gratefully came out of it, with a lot of support from family, friends and you (and medication). I still have the daily worries and concerns, the occasional bad mood and even a few down days, but those negative moments are easily handled.  I allow myself to have a bad day, but it doesn’t turn into a bad week, a bad month, a bad year… When you are suffering depression and not coping, it is so easy to start down the spiral. The key is to see when it is happening and acknowledge it, without getting caught up in it.

Believe me, it would be hard to take the amount of rejection we’ve received this year if I were still feeling as I did last April. The perspective I have to keep is that with each rejection comes a new opportunity.  Each executive I meet, each person I pitch or draft I complete is one step closer to the goal, to be a staffed writer on a TV show.  Nearing the end of my 10th year in Hollywood, I am as close as I’ve ever been to the goal, and now I’m so close I can almost see it. It’s funny how the closer I get, the stronger my resolve has become — a year ago I worried how I would feel if I wasn’t staffed by now.  Now I don’t worry about if but when. I feel it will happen, and I just have to keep pushing.

I want to thank all of you for sticking with me, whether it’s here on the rarely updated blog, on Twitter or Facebook, in Meatspace… it means a great deal to me to know you are out there. I hope to see some of you “old skool” bloggers in a couple of weeks, when we meet up at Morrison in Los Feliz to catch up and talk shop.  I’ll also be back in Austin next month for the Austin Film Festival, so for those who I miss in L.A., perhaps I can see a few of you there. Otherwise, we’ll always have The Scribosphere.

Here’s to continued clear skies and fair weather… and to reaching the next milestone.

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Scribosphere Meetup

Somehow I talked myself into (and was abetted by others) to set up a long-needed meetup/reunion of screenwriting bloggers. And now, it is set. September 21 (Saturday) at 2 PM at Morrison’s in Los Feliz/ Atwater Village area (website) — primarily I wanted to get together those of us who were blogging about becoming writers or those pros who dared to blog way before Twitter existed, but honestly, anyone can come.  If you have a blog or site dedicated to screenwriting, it would be awesome to see you there.

Oh, and the pub has a lot of good whiskey. So there’s that.

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