The Education of Shawna

Yes, I know, I keep popping in, even though I’m on “hiatus”. I guess I just can’t stay away.

I don’t like blog posts that tease. You know, someone says ‘I have this awesomely cool thing to tell you but I can’t tell you so you’ll just have to sit there wondering what it is until I can tell you and even then it might not be as awesomely cool as you thought it would be.’ Or something like it.

I’m about to tease you. But really, I don’t mean it!

It’s just…it’s hard, when you have weird, amazing things happening all around you…and you just. can’t. talk about it. Not yet.

It’s still progressing in baby steps. A little bit this week. A little big next week. But as I stand back and look at the whole thing, it’s turning into an amazing journey. Lots of steps, taken together, that are going to make one hell of a story when I can tell it.

Let’s just say, I’m meeting amazing, interesting people who like my work, and might even want to work with me. These are amazing, interesting people that I would NEVER get to meet in normal circumstances, but some of you may know that my circumstances aren’t exactly normal. If you don’t know what my circumstances are, go back to January on this blog and you’ll figure it out.

For now, I remain bewildered. And it is so faaaaar from over.

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Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

It’s Emmy Time.

‘Friday Night Lights’ doesn’t make the cut (boo!)

But Minnie Driver of FX ‘The Riches’ does (really?) Connie Britton is robbed!

More thoughts later. I have to get to work.

Update: Just saw the writing categories. Wow.

The best ‘Lost’ episode of the year made it…and BSG gets a nom! (HUGE!)…and three Sopranos episodes. No House. No 24. No Heroes. No Friday Night Lights. No CSI (the finale was really good).

And Boston Legal gets a nom for drama this year?? I mean, it’s a good show, but… *sigh*

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