Over the Wall

It would seem this blog exists in some kind of bubble, which I only manage to pierce in January and then never again return inside until the next time January rolls around…

Hello friends, old and new… here we are again. A new year, a new blog post. It’s how we roll around here.

So, how was 2014? Some bad? Some good? A little bit of both.

I took a quick look at my ‘new year’ post last year at this time and my goal was to get “over the wall” and into a TV writers’ room. I was smart not to specify whether that would be as a staffed writer or as an assistant. Hedging my bets is always wise.

Well, I did it. I got over the wall! As an honest to God TV Writers’ Assistant.

So, on that score, 2014 was pretty good. Mission accomplished!

But of course, that wasn’t my only goal. You don’t know me very well if you thought it was. No, no… I always have far grander goals… like, get hired to write something for money! Pitch a show, maybe even sell a show! Get into the WGA!

We did get hired for one project in February, which then never materialized. That was a major bummer. Then we got more general meetings. More hobnobbing. One meeting led to us to hooking up with apitching a show at SyFy (it didn’t sell, but hey, we pitched it!) Then, on the strength of a project that still hasn’t gotten off the ground, we were asked to write a take for a tv movie. The producer liked our take and paid us to write a treatment! We don’t know if the movie is a go yet, but PAID TO WRITE….

But no WGA membership yet.

So, the 2015 goals. You know they are lofty. Ambitious. But we are determined, my sister and me. We can’t be bargained with. We can’t be reasoned with. We don’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And we absolutely will not stop, ever, until… we are staffed.

Staffing. WGA. Let’s go, 2015. We’re ready.

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This post was written by Shawna on January 2, 2015

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Here We Go Again.

New Year. 2014. Whoop-edee-doo!

No, truly I’m excited for the year, just like I was excited for last year. 2013 had a lot going on. Here’s a sample of my year:

* Retained agent (yay! I’m still repped!)

* Went on about 12 pitch meetings for a project, which ultimately didn’t sell

* Went on about 10 general meetings with people/companies which read our scripts and liked them.

* Had one staffing meeting, which, did not result in staffing, but hey. Progress!

* Boss has two tv show projects going, one of which has been announced, another which hasn’t. So that’s two shots at potential future employment!

* Began developing a web series with my sister and writing partner Julie for an established brand. Watch this space.

* Completed writing a multi-platform series (for money!) with Bernie Su though it is clinically dead right now.

* Completed two new spec pilots, started a third.

So, it’s been a hell of a year! A lot accomplished, but yet, it feels like we are back to running the race — staffing looms, so we have the new pilot to finish, and of course other projects we are dying to write.  And here I am, after trying to get the old blog restarted in September/October trying to figure out if I can try, try again.

What choice do I have? Shut it down? Perish the thought…

How’s your 2014 outlook?

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Deadlines, deadlines…

So, I’m not doing that Script Frenzy thing I keep reading about, but I do have a deadline for the end of April.

By the end of April, I will have a draft of my new pilot and a rewrite of my CHUCK spec.

I know, that seems like a lot. The good news is I’m well into my outline for the pilot, and hope to have it completed by tomorrow. Once the outline is done, I’m on to script pages. I’ll be sending my outline to some people in my writers group(s) for notes and feedback before I get too far into scripting, but this train don’t stop — gotta keep movin’.

Same with the spec. And then May we’ll have a new deadline. Finish outline of new feature spec with sis.

We’re also building a new bible/pitch for yet a 3rd tv series, and I’ve got #4 and #5 of pilot specs waiting in the wings.

Oh and somewhere in there I’ve got to write a new show spec. Haven’t decided what to write yet.

I know, the elephant in the room: “What’s going on with your optioned TV pilot?” Well, option is expired, and we have an arrangement with producers to take it to studios and pitch. So, we kinda sorta optioned it to someone else for 6 months, hoping we can still get it set up at a prodco or studio. So there’s that going on too.

And sis and I finished writing a horror spec with a friend. Getting some notes, and about to start rewriting.

Yes, that’s a lot. No time for love, Doctor Jones. (Okay, maybe a *little* time for love…)

But that’s another post.

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My year in review

2006. I had a plan. For the most part, it succeeded. For the most part.

The year started out pretty uneventfully. I was writing my Cold Case spec. My House spec first draft was finished. I had set a goal to complete at least one more TV spec by end of year and finish my pilot.

Check. Check.

Having set out a writing plan and having stuck to it, I can honestly say I will be doing this every year. I might not make it every year, but the plan at least gives you a roadmap. And let’s say you get an opportunity — a contest win, an agent or A JOB. Obviously the plan changes. But let’s say these things don’t happen, the plan keeps you on track. The goals keep you focused. They keep you writing.

This year my plan consists of rewrites and polishes, one new spec starting in April, and one new feature. That’s right, this year I’m finally circling back to where I started.

And I want 2007 to be the year I finally get my foot wedged into the door. I doubt I’ll end the year with a job, but I plan to end the year with an agent. This is it, I have decided, and it WILL happen.

You watch.

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