So, breaking my hiatus to announce that while not officially official as yet (paperwork to be signed, all that) it looks like I am once again employed.

It’s a contract position, probably 6 months and non-writing related.  I was hoping to hold out until the end of staffing season, but the writing was on the wall — I think my chances of getting a writers assistant job were approaching negative probability.

So, time to get back in the workforce being productive and stuff.

Pilot isn’t finished yet, but much progress has been made.  Hoping I’ll be able to keep making it now that I’ll have a day job again.

Time will tell…

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Resume and Job Hunting

As most of you know, I was laid off from my long time employer (of 13 years) last June.  Since then, I’ve made some progress with writing, but haven’t been able to get another full time job.  At first, I was happy for the break, and as horrible a word as ‘funemployment’ was, I actually embraced that a bit, not having had a break from a day job since I graduated college.

Now I’m ready to work.

Since June I’ve picked up retail skills, helping out a friend at her store.  I’ve become pretty good at transcription, which being a fast typist has really come in handy for (as well as a patient and keen ear).  I’ve also worked as an assistant for a former showrunner who is currently writing a feature spec.  I’m continuing to assist him, but the work isn’t steady.

I don’t expect that any of you reading this will say “I have the perfect job for you, Benson! You’re hired!” but I do want to get it out into the ‘universe’ that I’m ready, willing and able to work.  I’ll go back to IT management or take a full time job in the industry.  I’ll figure out my writing, just as I always have – after hours, on weekends, early mornings and vacations.

So, I know you may not have something, but if you know of anything, and you think it might be a match for me, I’d be awfully appreciative if you could recommend me.  I’ve put my current resume here as an attachment, in case anyone feels like they want to download it and send it on my behalf.

It’s a longshot, I know.  But thank you for reading my little personal advertisement.  If any of my friends would care to post testimonials on my behalf in the comments, that would be awesome too.

Oh, and here’s my LinkedIn page.


Shawna_Benson Resume

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Mad World or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the 12%

I got laid off today.

It’s weird to say that.  I first said it on Twitter.  Then Facebook…then LinkedIn.  Most of my friends knew within an hour and many of them sent me their well wishes.

So connected to everyone, and yet so disconnected.

I worked for Disney (did you know that? Some of you probably didn’t) for 13 years.  I got my first job right out of college.  This is my first brush with unemployment in all that time.

Yes, I do know how amazingly fortunate I have been.

So, I should have some time to do some writing very soon.  Hey, I might even start updating the blog.  There’s an upside.

I was welcomed to the 12% Unemployment club today.  I know I’m in good company.

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It’s good to know people are still reading the blog…or at least stopping by to annoy me to post something. Trouble is, I’m completely wiped out.

The strike. My new job. Britney Spears. Super Tuesday. All just drops in the bucket, but all taken collectively with everything else in the world, and I am just overloaded.

Call in ‘Online O.D.’

I’m seriously spent, mentally. I wasn’t sure why until I had to spend about 20 hours fixing the at home DSL after upgrading to high speed (thanks Earthlink!) While I was stressed to the gills trying to fix my onramp to the info super-highway (thanks Al Gore!) I was actually relieved to be out of touch for a whole 24 hours. Sure, there was anxiety…that happens to all addicts in withdrawl, but once the shakes diminished, I felt euphoric. It was like the shackles around my wrists had disappeared, and I was free.

Of course, once I was able to connect to the rest of the world again, my addiction came back full on. But this time, I have the knowledge of my addiction…and I am left empty with each email, web page, or blog post I read or write.

So, just to sate your hunger for ‘stuff from me’, here’s my quick hits:

* THE STRIKE – Please, for the love of God, let this be the beginning of the end.

* LOST – Good buildup. Interesting stuff going on, as usual. At least I feel like the writers have the map in front of them and their road is marked.

* ELI STONE – Not as bad as I thought it would be. Actually enjoyed it near the end. Will watch again this week.

* SUPER BOWL – Meh. Didn’t care for either team, but I found myself rooting for the Pats as I found more and more people were rooting for the Giants, and not because they *like* the Giants…more because they didn’t want the Patriots to get their perfect season. I am actually ruminating on this phenomenon a lot. Maybe I’ll even post about it at some point…

* HOUSE – Loved it. Still such an awesome show. Really doesn’t get the kudos it deserves…

* BRITNEY SPEARS – Girl, there are people in this world who really do care what happens to you. Listen to them. Get some help. I really don’t want to see you be a trainwreck anymore. The tabloids love it, but screw them. Get better.

* SUPER TUESDAY – Okay! Fine! Everyone (except Hollywood Park) wants me to vote for those Propositions to get more money from the Indian Casinos and grant them more slots. Just go away after tomorrow, please!!

* EARTHLINK – I wish I knew how to quit you.

* MY NEW JOB – Busy. Like, they are making me earn my ridiculous salary busy. Bastards.

I promise to come back and say something else this week. Maybe more than a couple of words.

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