TV Series news for 5/13

Ok, a lot of info at the end of the day, let’s tally up the results:


Picked up “Mike and Molly” from Chuck Lorre.  That’s his third series on CBS.


May or may not have canceled “Law & Order”.  Early word was that it was gone, but late afternoon word came down that the network wasn’t officially axing it yet.  Also hanging by a thread: “Heroes.”

Saved to fight another day – “Chuck” – gets a 13-episode order for next season.


Most of the news was ABC today.  They picked up 3 comedies: “Mr. Sunshine,” “Happy Endings,” and “Better Together.”  They also picked up 3 dramas: “My Generation” (was “Generation Y,” and one of my personal faves), “The Whole Truth” and “Detroit 187.” Apparently “Wright vs. Wrong” is looking likely as a pick up too, though no official word on it yet.

ABC has also renewed “V” for a second season.  Which probably means “Flash Forward” is done.  “Cougar Town” may get a name change…that was the only other major series news today that I can find.

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TV News for 5/12

Fox renews “Human Target,” “Lie to Me”; picks up “Traffic Light” “Keep Hope Alive” “Midland” and “RideAlong”

Fox picks up ‘Running Wilde’ – Was ‘Wilde Kingdom’, this is the Will Arnett pilot. I read it – it’s good.

Having read MIDLAND and RIDEALONG, I can say those were ones I was expecting.  Haven’t caught up on all the half hour shows, so not sure about those two.  Really surprised that both HUMAN TARGET and LIE TO ME got picked up, as most people were thinking only one of the two would live.  I guess losing 24 does leave an action gap.

FX picks up comedy pilot ‘Wilfred’

NBC picks up ‘Perfect Couples’– I won’t be watching this show for one reason: OLIVIA MUNN. Though you may watch it because of her.

NBC has already picked up “The Chase”, “Undercovers,”  “Love Bites,” “The Event” and “Outsourced.”   “Law & Order: Los Angeles” (LOLA) is pretty much a done deal too, from what I’ve seen.

ABC picks up “No Ordinary Family” – stars Michael Chiklis, written by Greg Berlanti and Jon Feldman.

ABC hasn’t announced any other pickups so far.

 “Hawaii Five-0” appears to be a go on CBS, as does the “Criminal Minds” spin-off.  The CW has already picked up “Nikita.”

Upfronts are next week.

FINAL NOTE: I am now writing reviews/articles for Seat42F.  I’ll start linking you guys to my articles.  If anyone would help out the cause by starting/contributing conversation over there (even if you need to trash me) – feel free.  Need to earn my keep.

Okay UPDATE WITH FINAL FINAL NOTE: I’m posting this stuff primarily to keep everyone updated on shows coming back.  So, if you have a LIE TO ME spec, you’re good for another season.  HUMAN TARGET can now be specced (though its value as a spec is still somewhat debatable –is anyone in town watching it?)

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Mentalist gets a full season, ‘outsourced’ CW Sunday bombs

So, just a few quick updates — CBS has given The Mentalist a full season order on the strength of its ratings for its second episode. I think the show is a good time period filler for the network, and I like Simon Baker. Not sure how the show will develop, but at least we’ll find out. Bad news for CBS: The Ex-List did not premiere well, with lower numbers than last season’s Moonlight (I can hear the Moonlight fans victory cheers now).
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My media presence expands.

Did a guest spot on Shaun O’Mac’s TV Talk radio show/podcast yesterday, and he’s invited me back to be on every Wednesday.

At 3 PM PDT, if you can’t get enough of me, tune in to Shaun’s show to listen to me prattle on about whatever I darn well please. He has other tv bloggers/columnists on the other days of the week, so you can turn in those days instead if you are sick of me.

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TNT, Showtime pick up pilots

TNT announced today that it has picked up “Leverage” from Dean Devlin and John Rogers to air later this year.

Showtime has announced it has greenlit “Possible Side Effects”, a pilot Tim Robbins will direct. They have also picked up “The United States of Tara”, written by current writer darling Diablo Cody and produced by Steven Spielberg.

Showtime renewed Brotherhood for another season…and this info from Hollywood Reporter:

Showtime has also lined up its spring and summer schedule, setting palace drama “The Tudors” as a lead-in for new variety show “Tracey Ullman’s State of the Union” on March 30 and packaging “Weeds’ and recent British acquisition “Secret Diary of a Call Girl” for June 16.

But returning David Duchovny romantic dramedy “Californication” likely won’t debut until after the Summer Olympics in August, execs said Wednesday, essentially making the show a fall series. The series debuted last year in mid-August.

More news as it happens…which appears to be a lot this week! (Wonder why…)

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More post-strike scuttlebutt

2/13 Lots of Updates!

Here are the tidbits being posted around the web on various sites and in notes I’ve gotten from people ‘in the know’:


* UPDATE: Shark is going back into production for four episodes, return date TBD. “The Unit” is still on hiatus.

* Cane is also a bubble show — no requests for episodes from them, but pickup is still a possibility.

* The New Adventures of Old Christine and Rules of Engagement – also unknown if they will be picked up for next season — bubble. UPDATE: Rules of Engagement will produce 6 more episodes for this season, return date is April 14.

* Moonlight might get 4 new episodes this spring,and will return to the schedule on April 11.

* Swingtown will go back into production. Air date is TBD.

* How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men each get 9 new episodes. All will return on March 17.

Other CBS shows, episodes ordered and return to air date:

“CSI: Miami,” March 24, 8 episodes

“Cold Case,” March 30, 5 episodes

“Criminal Minds,” April 2, 7 episodes

“CSI: NY,” April 2, 7 episodes

“CSI,” April 3, 6 episodes

“Without a Trace,” April 3, 6 episodes

“Ghost Whisperer,” April 4, 6 episodes

“Numb3rs,” April 4, 6 episodes

“NCIS,” April 8, 7 episodes


* Word is that Prison Break won’t shoot more episodes.

* Also rumor that 24 might get pushed to January 2009!! UPDATE: Still hearing this.

* House will push out 5 or 6 more episodes, and Fox isn’t afraid to extend their spring season a bit to accommodate past May sweeps.

* Back to You and ‘Til Death are expected to go back into production for a few more episodes this season.


* Chuck and Heroes will likely not produce any more episodes this season, but will return in the fall. No word on whether additional episodes will be tacked on to next season (this may happen to some shows being cut short this season).

* The Office and 30 Rock are expected to resume production.


* Lost will probably only eke out another 6 episodes or so. There were supposed to be 16 for the shortened seasons, so a few episodes may get added to the next two seasons, making them 17 or 18 episode seasons to accommodate the story-telling (still speculative)

* Boston Legal is expected to resume production, and may be quickest back to air with new episodes, as apparently David Kelley works really fast cranking out scripts (hat tip: Hollywood Reporter for several of these items)

* Women’s Murder Club is really on the bubble. Three executive producers were let go from the show yesterday. Big Shots looks really dead.

The CW:

* Gossip Girl has already been picked up for next season. No word yet on production schedule (though probably won’t have new episodes until fall).

* Girlfriends was aired its last original episode, but no more are expected to be produced since this was the show’s final season. There is talk of a final episode — possibly a clip show — to give the show a proper send off (will add this cancellation to watch list).

* Aliens in America had already shot 18 episodes, likely won’t get more produced for spring. Everybody Hates Chris produced their 22-episode order, and both series still have fresh episodes to be aired. The Game is expected to go back into production for a few episodes.

* Smallville, Supernatural, Reaper and One Tree Hill are expected to go back into production. No word on how many episodes will be produced.

Will update rumors/confirm news as it happens.

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Pilot news and rumors keep coming

According to the Reporter (click the link above for article) the nets aren’t picking up a lot of comedies, but dramas appear to have turned out well. Latest word:

Reaper (CW) and Sam I Am (ABC) have been given permission to hire staff.

The Bionic Woman (NBC) is a lock at this point, they started hiring staff last week, and now Glen Morgan has been tapped as showrunner for the series.

Looks like Shark will get renewed and may move to allow the new Jimmy Smits show in at 10 on Thursday.

I’ll be pulling together a round-up of changes to post as upfronts begin on Monday.

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My Favorites

I’m often asked what websites I visit to accumulate my vast knowledge of all things TV. Well, dear friends, I will share with you my list of daily visits so that you can abandon me and find your info in the same places I do.

Or maybe you just like getting your news second hand. Your call.

  • The Futon Critic – The great grand daddy of all TV news. If you aren’t reading this every day, you just aren’t paying attention.
  • Mediaweek – Sometimes Mediaweek gets press releases out before Futon Critic. Rare, but it happens. I also visit to read Berman’s Programming Insider and his offshoot forum PI Feedback. That forum is where you can find the overnights by 9 AM every day. You want Nielsens, they got ’em. You’ll also get some good discussion with other tv junkies in the forums.
  • TV Week – Hey, get a free subscription and understand the dynamics of the industry! Visit the website daily to see who is hired, who is fired, and what is happening around the tv industry. The site is less focused on the programs, and more on the business, but I think a very strong argument can be made that understanding the business can be very helpful to a writer. (Did I mention you can get a free subscription to the weekly mag?)
  • The Hollywood Reporter and Variety. The industry rags. Check the Reporter in the evening if you want to read tomorrow’s headlines early.
  • Google Alerts. Want to know when articles about certain topics are published? Sign up for google alerts. I have one for tv upfronts, which becomes invaluable when I want to know what is being announced, what is anticipated, etc from the wide world of print media and blogs. I also have a Google Alert for news on Nathan Fillion, but that’s a topic for another day.

I also visit a variety of other sites less frequently (like for episode guides for every show on the air), but these are the daily visits. Now go forth and gobble up TV news

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