The 2010-11 Upfronts

Upfronts start on Monday.  This year has been a little strange — there have been a lot of early pickups, so we already know what most of the new shows are going to be, but we don’t know the schedules (or at least the proposed ones) yet.

For now, let’s recap what we know:

NBC (Upfront presentation 5/16)

New Shows:

Law & Order: Los Angeles
Love Bites
Harry’s Law
The Event
The Cape
Perfect Couples (half hr)
Friends with Benefits (half hr)
Outsourced (half hr)
School Pride (reality)


Law & Order

FOX (Upfront presentation 5/17)

New shows:

Lone Star (was Midland)
Ride Along
Keep Hope Alive
Traffic Light (half hr)
Bob’s Burgers (half hr)
Running Wilde (half hr)
The X Factor (reality)


Our Little Genius (reality, never aired!)
Past Life
Sit Down, Shut Up
Sons of Tuscon
‘Til Death
The Wanda Sykes Show

ABC (Upfront presentation 5/18)

New Shows:

187 Detroit
Off the Map
No Ordinary Family
My Generation (was Generation Y)
Body of Proof
Better Together
Happy Endings (half hr)
Mr. Sunshine (half hr)
The Six
Strictly Ice Dancing (reality)
The Whole Truth (reality)


Lost (ending)
Witches of Eastwick
The Deep End
Better off Ted
The Forgotten
Ugly Betty
Romantically Challenged
Flash Forward

CBS (Upfront presentation 5/19)

New shows:

Mike & Molly


Three Rivers

The CW (Upfront presentation 5/20)

New shows:



The Beautiful Life
Melrose Place
Blonde Charity Mafia

We’ll update after the official upfronts.

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Who watches the Watch List?

It started out as a way for me to keep track of what shows were canceled, renewed, on the bubble, etc. and has morphed into a monster of its own. It has its own page now and is updated almost every day (though you may not notice all of the date changes that happen).

The Watch List.

Also, I realized recently that those “Popular Posts” in the sidebar are determined by number of comments. Someday (let’s hope) the 2005-06 Watch List will vanish from that list. But of course, that’s up to you. 🙂

Anyway, lots of pilot news coming. And what I really wanted to tell you is that apart from the articles I see (which are reflected in my Friendfeed) I’m going to start building a page to track the pilot news. In the meantime, I highly recommend James Hibbard’s The Live Feed which is a great resource for TV news.

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TV Blogs and Online Resources

There are a wealth of TV blogs, and many of them are able to post pure news fast than I can get to it.  So, yes, while it might reduce my own traffic, I really want to direct or attention to some sites which you should check or read for news and information: which published a really spiffy Season Premiere Printable Calendar. In fact, rather than try to create my own, I’m just going to steal use his!  The site also features a lot of great interviews and reviews of new and returning TV shows.

The Futon which has been a daily read for me for about 3 years.  Posts breaking news pretty quickly and does a really great job of following the ins and outs of what shows are canceled, renewed or on hiatus.  They also have a nice online calendar for premiere dates and tv schedules.

TV By The  Nielsens, Nielsens and more Nielsens.  Get your numbers sliced and diced here daily (I’m also a huge fan of Marc Berman’s Programming Insider Forum for the overnights and analysis).

The TV Addict also links us to the TV Blog Coalition, which is a roundup of news from lots of TV blogs.  It’s a great way to find other opinions and insights to shows.

I’ll keep expanding the blogroll with links to sites I think have a lot of value.  Be sure to check them out!

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Quick hits

  • Dancing with the Stars returns on March 19, airing Mondays and Tuesdays. Yes, that means it avoids the American Idol carnage.
  • Stargate will live on with a couple of direct-to-DVD films, ‘Stargate: The Ark of Truth’, and ‘Stargate: Continuum’.
  • Lost may air with no repeats next season, but to do so, it may not premiere until January 2008.
  • Golden Globes: YAWN. Hugh Laurie will always win because he’s British. Same with Helen Mirren. And Jeremy Irons. And Bill Nighy. And Sacha Baron Cohen. AND Emily Blunt. Alec Baldwin is British by default, since he vowed to leave the country after Bush was reelected. Recounts are pending for how Peter O’Toole, Toni Collete (okay, she’s from Australia, close enough), Cate Blanchett, and Stephen Frears lost. I’m sure heads will roll for letting some Americans win those categories.
  • ABC has suffered a lot of serialized show fatigue, with only a couple of small successes in that realm this year and lots of failures (Six Degrees, The Nine, Daybreak). They are focusing on procedurals this year. Of course, ABCs recent track record with procedurals has been dismal (In Justice, The Evidence, Dragnet).
  • So, uh, 24. Yeah. In their world I’d be dead several times over. I know the show is set in L.A. but do we always have to be hit with big horrible weapons? At least they spread it around the country a little bit this season…

Not a lot of TV news to report. I scoff at the Globes handing the best tv show award to Grey’s, but you know my bias there anyway…

Link:the futon critic

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