Last night I saw the one-act play “Mastermind”, written by Michael Patrick Sullivan (he of Red Right Hand fame).  I’ve known Michael practically since he started his blog (which, hey, looks like was 4 years ago — good on ya!) and have been in a writers group with him for awhile now.  It is not an exaggeration to say he is one of the most creative, funny and interesting writers I’ve met here in L.A.  Like, I’m kinda afraid of the guy in that ‘he’s either going to eat my brain or get every staff job I ever desire’ kind of way.  But, there’s no one else whom I’d like to fear. 

MASTERMIND is a great piece — intelligent, suspenseful and FUNNY.  There’s a 2 PM performance today at the Eclectic Theatre in North Hollywood.  You should see it.  Because I said so.

Here’s my pull quote (which means, pull it from here:) “It’s the best play I’ve seen in five years! (um…it’s the only play you’ve seen in 5 years) Oh. Then, don’t use that quote.

“Mastermind” is far too smart for me.  It’s probably far too smart for you.  Which is why you should see it.  Immediately.  Because, maybe it will make you smarter.  I also hear it will help you lose 10 pounds and help your sex life.  Yup, that’s what I hear.

No?  Too commercial?  Okay, let’s try this:

“Mastermind” is the kind of play that makes you wonder why you don’t go see plays more often.  It’s so good, you wish you could watch it again immediately afterwards, but you can’t, because you are sitting in a theater, and the actors don’t respond well to having you ask them to do it again or back up and do this bit a second time.  So, we’ll have to wait until Sullivan turns it into what I am sure will be a genius piece of screenwriting and it is produced for film, at which time we will have to wait for the subsequent release of said film and the ultimate digital download or DVD release, which would then allow us to watch it once and THEN watch it again immediately afterwards.  In that format, the actors do what you want and don’t talk back.

And maybe Michael will give us an audio commentary.  That would be really really cool.

Get on that.

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The Comic Con Beat Gets Louder

12 days.  Nerd Prom.  Get your geek on.

I’m pouring through the 2 of the 4 day schedule posted at the Comic Con site and for TV lovers there is a wealth of stuff to ponder…I’ll be posting a lot of Comic Con stuff in the next few weeks, because it is important.

Why should you care?

Well, because I might have interviews with TV writers for Geekerati Radio and here.  Because Comic Con has become a premier event for learning about new projects.  And because I’ll be networking the heck out of the place.

So, let your geek flag fly.  We’ve got work to do.

Schedule for Comic Con: Thursday and Friday.

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Screenwriter/Scribosphere Twitter Directory (in Development)

This will probably be updated frequently as new accounts come online. There are some resources at /Film and other sites, but I thought I’d start my own list and try to break it out by writers/directors, tv writers/showrunners and those working in new media or reality tv (or those who are producers). Also want to list out those who have blogs who are on Twitter as well.

Want to help out? List your twitter account in the comments so I can start making a full list.

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Outside the Box

So, Michael over at Red Right Hand has already posted his thoughts and juicy tidbits from the “Breaking into the Box” event put on by the Writers Guild Foundation on Saturday.

I agree with him on several items, particularly on the value of the non-writers to the discussion. The agents, managers and execs add insight to this whole process of trying to write for television. The showrunners provide their learnings in the trenches and some of the nuts and bolts of running/writing television, but it’s the agents, managers and execs that are the gatekeepers to this kingdom.

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Sad news – Larry Hertzog has died

A sad day for tv writers and some fans familiar with Hertzog’s contribution to TV. He worked on classic TV shows such as “Hart to Hart”, “Hardcastle and McCormick”. He also created “Nowhere Man” for UPN and was a showrunner for the last three seasons of “La Femme Nikita”.

You can check out his entire history in TV here.

He died from cancer at age 56.

Story link:

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Attention WGA — come negotiate with…me!

Brett brought a really interesting article to my attention via his blog.

I had heard some mutterings about this before, but this is the first time I’ve really seen this spelled out so clearly.

I was a business administration major in college. Reading an article about collusion gave me flashbacks to my business law class. And now, I have had an epiphany.

I would like to become a “new” WGA signatory. Here’s my deal. I’ll give writers, directors, actors and the unionized crews a fair profit sharing deal in exchange for their services on films. Oh, I need some venture capital for this, any takers?

Screw the AMPTP, long live the SBPRC (Shawna Benson Producers Replacement Corporation)! **

** now taking on producing partners with money.

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Get yer writer’s strike news here

There’s a good Facebook group for people who want to keep up with strike news.

Check out Facebook’s Writers’ Strike News Central group and join it if you are on facebook.

Also, a shout out to for being awesome.

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A World Without Writers Video


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New WGA Strike Videos

Click the blog title to add the “wgaamerica” channel to your Youtube subscriptions. Then you too can keep track of all the new videos posted by the WGA!

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24 premiere postponed.

A major casualty of the strike. Several sources are reporting that Fox has decided not to premiere 24 on January 13, as originally planned.

No new premiere date is forthcoming, due to the strike.

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